Pretty Brown

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Pretty Brown is a musical tribute to Women Of Color! 
    The lyrics convey vivid details of the adoration and admiration of every dimension of a woman's being that makes her so awesome! This song is more than just's a MOVEMENT! It's a CALL TO ACTION for men AND women to look for GOD in well as others that they encounter. It's imperative that we do so NOW! 
Ladies, there's a reason that I asked all of you to "send YOUR favorite picture of YOURSELF"! We're going to INTERVIEW many of you to converse about a few topics that I've addressed in the explanation below of why I wrote the song! A percentage of the proceeds from the music and merchandise will be donated to shelters for abused women and homeless families. Also, we'll provide financial assistance to those ladies who are courageous enough to LEARN and EXECUTE the steps that will allow you to transition from JUST being a struggling employee who into an entrepreneur/employee who wants to CHANGE YOUR LIFE! We're offering a partial "scholarship" into a community that teaches you what the WEALTHY won't teach you and COLLEGE didn't and can't teach you!

    Here is my explanation of why this song, movement, and this call to action are so important:  
When I was 12 years old, my Big Mama (maternal grandmother) had a serious conversation with me about women after I'd told her that I had been having sex for almost a year. After telling me that I should STOP because I really didn't understand what I'd gotten my body and spirit into, she told me something that I didn't quite understand then, but I grew to understand very well.  She said that "women are taught (in the church, their homes, and in society in general) to look for GOD in men before they are taught to look for GOD in themselves. If you show a woman just a little GOD in you, she'll be good TO you. She'll be "behind" you...forever! If you show a woman GOD in herself through your eyes ( and your actions toward her) until she's able to see GOD in herself through her OWN eyes, she'll be good FOR you. She'll be "beside" you...forever...and the two of you will be a FORCE to reckon with"! As I grew older, I watched her words come true by watching pastors, pimps, actors, athletes, and educators who seemed even remotely "Godly". If they showed a little GOD within their manhood, women flocked to them because they were trained, taught, and programmed to do so. 
    So, just like my Big Mama told me and I'd seen other men do since that time, I started to show a little GOD within me. Instead of doing it to elevate women though, I used the valuable lesson to manipulate women like I'd seen some of the other men do. Throughout high school, my first year of college, and into my young adult life, it seemed like the more that I used the "GOD card" for manipulation and control, my life was "good" when it came to my experiences with women. When I look back on it all now, it seems cruel and abusive because I could CLEARLY see GOD in some of my girlfriends, but I chose to manipulate it instead of help them to cultivate what no one else seemed to care about when they saw it...if they recognized it at all! Honestly, one of the reasons why it seemed easier to manipulate women with what I knew was because MOST women acted as if it was an aphrodisiac for me to tell them about the GOD that I saw in them. Though I knew it as truth, they took it as "game", but STILL fell for it anyway! So, I convinced myself to manipulate instead of elevate and educate. 

    It's 2017 and I wrote this song as a catalyst for CHANGE! Starting with the release of Pretty Brown, I plan to use the lesson that my Big Mama taught me to ELEVATE and ILLUMINATE women about how life can be much different when they learn to search and see GOD within themselves first! The video that will accompany this song is a collage of pictures that were submitted when I asked ladies to submit "YOUR favorite picture of YOURSELF"! It's a great way to look for the GRANDEST version of the GREATEST vision that these women have of themselves! Hopefully, that "favorite" picture and something that was captured there will allow them to see GOD in themselves with their own eyes! Then, we can start the dialogue right there! 

    Pretty Brown...'s music, a MOVEMENT, and a CALL TO ACTION!!